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Re: draft-ietf-hokey-emsk-hierarchy-04.txt

2008-03-17 21:36:12
Thanks Joel.  Followup notes inline:

On 3/17/2008 6:47 PM, Joel M. Halpern wrote:
Thank you.  Comment following your clarification.

Lakshminath Dondeti wrote:
    The one thing that bothers me a little is the intended status of 
this document.  Given that the EMSK is entirely inside a system, and 
that therefore the actual generation process is internal to that 
system, I am not sure that a registry tied to the specifics of the 
generation mechanism, is appropriate.  A lot of this document is of 
the form "if you don't define it some other way, do this."  While 
very useful text, it actually doesn't seem to affect on-the-wire 
interoperability.  So I wonder if this whole document is more 
informational than "proposed standard?"  I'm not sure on this, but 
the containment property did strike me reading the document.

The peer and the server need to arrive at the same derivations.  The 
keynames derived as specified in this document would be used in 
protocols specified elsewhere to refer to the keys derived 
independently at both ends.  So, whereas there are no "on the wire" 
packet formats in this document, other documents will put information 
derived as specified in this document in their packets.

That does make for a good reason for PS.   I am however then confused by 
the description that the EMSK never leaves the server.  I presume that 
this relates to other aspects of EAP that I am not familiar with.  You 
may want to see if there is a way to phrase it that makes it a bit 
clearer.  But given what you say, this is another minor issue, not a big 

The note about EMSK never leaving the server is contextual; the other 
master session key, the MSK is sent to the authenticator (and thus 
"leaves" the server).  We'll make a note of this as well for clarification.

So, on balance, we have two clarifications make: one on domains (that 
came up elsewhere too, so we'll work on the text once again -- we did 
that during WG discussions) and another on EMSK being held at the server.

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