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Re: IETF Trust minutes?

2008-03-19 03:47:45
Marshall Eubanks <tme(_at_)multicasttech(_dot_)com> writes: [2]

On Feb 19, 2008, at 12:33 PM, Simon Josefsson wrote:

According to the trust administrative procedures:

the trustees should hold at least three meetings per year, and shall
appoint a secretary who should record and publish minutes of the

Following the link 'Minutes' from <> I can  
find minutes for ONE (1) meeting, which took place in December 2005.

Could anyone explain why this is the case?

The Trust nominally meets once per month; Minutes through the end of  
2007 have been approved (except for 12-20).

I know that some of these minutes have not been uploaded yet, having  
recently been approved, but I don't
know why the previous ones aren't there.

This will be fixed pronto.

It has been a month.  Can you share any insight to why this is taking so

Remember, the trust has adopted two policy documents [1] that say the
meeting minutes should be published.  After over two years without
published meeting minutes, I think the issue becomes more of a managing
issue within the trust, rather than the fault of you as secretary.

As far as I can tell, there will be a IETF-wide last call on the IPR WG
documents soon.  Those documents have a normative reference to a
non-existing document which is to be produced by the trust.  Insight to
what the trust have been doing would give more confidence to what kind
of document they will produce and when.


[2] I quoted the entire original message for better context.
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