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Re: US DoD and IPv6

2010-09-28 18:55:49
Oh and this just in today, a new OMB directive for all of USG

â??The federal government is committed to the operational deployment and
use of Internet Protocol version 6,â?? states the transition memo, which
was released through OMB. The memo directs agencies to:

    * Upgrade the servers and services the public uses, such as Web,
      e-mail and Domain Name System servers, to use native IPv6 by the
      end of fiscal 2012.  
    * Upgrade internal client applications that communicate with
      public Internet servers and supporting enterprise networks to
      use native IPv6 by the end of fiscal 2014. 

    * Designate an IPv6 transition manager by Oct. 30 as the person
      responsible for leading the agencyâ??s transition activities. 

    * Ensure that agency procurements of networked IT comply with
      Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements for using the USGv6
      profile and testing program for the completeness and quality of
      IPv6 capabilities. 

The Federal IPv6 Task Force will meet with agencies to explain
government policy and share best practices.

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