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Links to the "tools" web pages

2010-10-12 10:41:20
In regard to making it easier for the naive to find and use the various IETF 

I notice that there are *two* sets of IETF tools.  One is titled "IETF Web 
Tools" (, and contains a link to "IETF Community 
Tools" ( as well as section titled "IETF 
Critical Tools".  The second is titled "IETF Tools" (  
Only "IETF Web Tools" is accessible from the (left-side) 
navigation bar (along with its sub-page "IETF Community Tools") -- the "IETF 
Tools" are accessible from a link "Tools" in a row across the bottom of pages.

This situation is incredibly confusing for people who are not very experienced 
in the structure of the IETF web site:

1) There are four pages (or sections of pages) titled "IETF XYZ Tools" (for 
various values of XYZ).  The meanings of these distinctions are not obvious.

2) The page titled "IETF Tools" is not the super-page of the other four pages.

3) In the navigation structure, there are three links, "Web Tools", "Community 
Tools", and "Tools", which relate in no obvious way to the functions of the 
tools in question.

Fixing this correctly would require categorizing all of the tools based on what 
they do and how people use them and then partitioning their descriptions on 
pages based on that.  Which would require a lot of work.

But in the short run, it would help a lot to revise the left-side navigation 
bar to at least point to *all* of the tools:

    IETF Tools ->
        Community Tools ->
        Additional Tools ->
        Wikis ->

And add a section/link to to point to/describe the 
"Additional Tools":

    Additional Tools

    IETF-related tools, standalone or hosted on <a 

And change the bottom-nav link "Tools" to point to 
(the same as the left-nav "IETF Tools").

As a user interface that would still be rather lame, but someone who was 
attempting to link-walk through all the pages hanging off the left-nav-bar link 
"IETF Tools" to find a particular tool would be able to succeed.

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