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draft-yevstifeyev-genarea-historic - Clarifying the Historic status

2011-01-25 00:04:57
Hello all,

A few weeks ago, if you remember, we had a discussion on moving Experimental RFCs to Historic. Among other, we spoke that the definition of Historic status is not right and needs to be corrected. I'm citing the corresponding message:


>  I think that the author of RFC2026 was wrong while writing the definition of 
Historic status. This document says that Historic should be assigned only to that 
documents that were standards and now are obsolete. But why do we need such narrow 
definition? Non-standards RFCs are not made Historic while obsoleting, according 
to 2026. Moreover, such status will just duplicate the obsoleted-by one. When 
there will be the attempt to revise RFC 2026, we should put there that Historic 
status is to be assigned to that documents that are considered to be deprecated. I 
fully share the opinion of Doug here.
If you think RFC20206 is wrong, then propose changes to it and see if people 
agree with the changes.  Until it is changed, IMHO you should not propose 
actions based on what you as an individual think is incorrect.  There needs to 
be a community consensus that RFC2026 is wrong before any action should be 


So now I's like to introduce the Internet-Draft I've just submitted on this topic. You may find it here:

This documents defined the criteria for Historic docs, mentions procedures for republication and reclassification of docs as Historic RFCs and discusses other issues connected with this status.

So any comments regarding it are welcome.

All the best,
Mykyta Yevstifeyev

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