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Re: Opsdir last call review of draft-ietf-tcpm-dctcp-07

2017-07-12 03:30:10
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On 7/12/17 04:21, Eggert, Lars wrote:

I missed your comments when I posted -08 - sorry! Will post -09
with fixes shortly.

Thanks, Lars.  Looking forward to the new version.


You refer to DCTCP.Alpha before defining it.  While you refer to
Section 3.3 here, the impact of an incorrect Alpha value is not
fully appreciated in this text.  Perhaps this could be changed to
reflect the impact the incorrect Alpha value would have?


My abbreviating DCTCP.CE as CE in your state machine diagram, it
is a bit confusing as to the difference between CE and DCTCP.CE.
The description of the state machine above requires the CE
codepoint to have a certain value in order for DCTCP.CE to
change.  Perhaps you can use D.CE as an abbreviation to be a bit
clearer here.

I used DCTCP.CE and did some reformatting

It is not clear if 'g' can be inclusive of 0 and 1.

Nice catch. Clarified this in "Implementation Issues".

You define DCTCP.WindowEnd as the threshold for beginning a new
observation window, but maybe to complement the state variable
name, you should define it as the following:

The TCP sequence number threshold when one observation window
ends and other is to begin; initialized to SND.UNA.

Applied your suggestion.

Section 3.3:

You state:

Thus, when no bytes sent experienced congestion, DCTCP.Alpha
equals zero, and cwnd is left unchanged

But if I use a value of 1/16 for g, with DCTCP.Alpha initialized
to 1 as you say, I get a value of DCTCP.Alpha == 15/16 when there
is no congestion (i.e., M == 0).

Good catch. Checking with my co-authors what the thinking here was.
There may be a condition missing. Praveen?

You have an extra space here before the comma:

Already fixed in -08.

You do not define ECT before using it.

Can you provide a reference for NewReno?

Already fixed in -08.

Can you reference or define AQM and RED?

Added refs to 2309 and 7567.

Thanks, Lars



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