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Re: Need for secured email delegation workflow

2017-07-15 08:53:19

Yoav Nir <ynir(_dot_)ietf(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:
    >> OpenPGP format permits a (public) key blog on contain many signing
    >> (sub)keys, and so distributing a public key with a set of subkeys
    >> where the private keys are stored into laptops and phones, etc. would
    >> work.

    >>> You end up reading encrypted mail only using one MUA, which is one
    >>> more thing dragging the use of S/Mime down.

    >> Agreed; I'm not sure if PKIX has a subkey concept.  I suspect it's in
    >> a standard, but I'm unclear if it was ever deployed.

    > That works OK for signatures, but for encryption?  You’d have to
    > encrypt the message with each subkey.  Yeah, I know only the symmetric
    > key gets encrypted but it’s still ugly.

I'm pretty sure that the spec already says to do that.

    > And we haven’t even mentioned the web MUA and where it stores the
    > private keys.

There are existing S/MIME and PGP plugins and extensions for browsers that do
this.  I'm aware of one that has received significant commercial success in
some quarters.  I think that they can use the javascript local storage for
private keys, but I suspect that they also have options to store them
encrypted elsewhere.

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