Re: Compiling namazu

2003-06-03 21:04:14
On June 3, 2003 at 19:30, Kris Jensen wrote:

I'm trying to install mharc on a Mac OS X 10.2.6 system, but have run 
into problems compiling namazu. The files seem to compile okay, but 
linking generates several errors similar to this:

ld: multiple definitions of symbol _getopt
/usr/lib/libm.dylib(getopt.So) definition of _getopt
../lib/libnmzut.a(getopt.o) definition of _getopt in section 

Other multiply defined symbols are: _opterr, _optind, and _optopt

Looks like namazu has its own copy of the getopt() functions
and Mac OS X already includes it in libm (I'm not sure why since
libm usually denotes the math library).

I believe this issue is addressed in this thread from the 
namazu-users-ja mailing list: 

Too bad I don't read Japanese...

Neither do I.  There are ways to remedy the problem, but I believe
the namazu folks probably know the simpliest way based upon how
namazu is compiled.

I realize that this is not really a mharc problem, but unfortunately, 
most of the namazu-related websites and information sources seem to be 
in Japanese.

There is an english discussion list, namazu-users-en(_at_)namazu(_dot_)org, 
I have cc'ed in this response.  Goto <>
for subscription information.


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