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CVS: mharc/lib/mrc,NONE,1.1

2002-08-25 22:33:37
Update of /cvsroot/mhonarc/mharc/lib/mrc
In directory subversions:/tmp/cvs-serv2072/lib/mrc

Added Files: 
Log Message:
* bin/compress-files, bin/compress-mboxes:
  . BUG FIX: Added -mbox-mode to compress-files.  This is to fix a bug
    with compress-mboxes for archives that have yearly archives.
    If a mailbox is in YYYY format, a year is added to -mtime to
    determine if the file should be compressed.

* bin/web-archive:
  . NEW: Added auto-generation of all-lists index.  The index will
    contain contain the list of archives with links to the latest
    indexes and showing the last update time for each archive.

    The all-lists index file can be specified by the -alllistidx
    option or ALL_LISTS_INDEX lib/ variable.  The default
    value is lists.html within the html/ archive directory.
    Equivalent options exists to set the URL to the file.

    Run web-archive program with -man option to view the manpage
    to get more information about this feature and other related

* lib/
  . Several layout changes to provide a nicer appearance to archive
    pages.  Layout is now controled via stylesheet settings.
    Tags have been added with CLASS attributes to allow control
    of the visual appearance of pages without having to re-edit
    the pages.  An initial stylesheet (html/
    has been provided with some default styles (more information
    about stylesheet below).

    Attempts have been made to keep pages usable with text-based
    browsers.  Table-aware browsers like w3m and links, handle
    the pages fine.  Lynx does not handle the tables well, but
    the pages should still be readable and usable with Lynx.

    To see an example of the layout style, you can checkout the mailing lists at

    If you want to use the new layout, you must delete your local
    copy of "lib/" and run "make configure".

* html/
  . NEW: This is the main stylesheet controling the appearance
    of archive pages generated by MHArc.  Stylesheet settings are
    based upon the CSS2 specification.  The styles are supported by
    Netscape 6+, Mozilla, and Mozilla-based browsers.  Some styles
    appear to not work with IE6, however, the failures of IE6 do not
    affect the readability of pages.

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: MHonArc resource file use by archives that have threads
    disabled, either by specifying -nothreads in the MHonArc-Options
    option in lib/lists.def for a list or by a list-specific resource

    NOTE: There is a feature in MHArc that has not been explicitly
	  documented that allows you to provide additional
	  MHonArc resource settings on a per-list archive basis.
	  In lib/ is a variable called MHA_RC_DIR that
	  specifies the location of archive-specific resource files.
	  By default, it is "<mharc-root>/lib/mrc".  If you add a
	  file called "<list-name>.mrc", where "<list-name>" is the
	  name of the list as defined in lib/lists.def, MHArc will
	  pass that file to MHonArc when processing the HTML archive
	  for the list.

	  When creating a list-specific resource file, it is
	  recommended to create the file
	  "<mharc-root>/lib/mrc/<list-name>" and then run
	  "make configure".  This allows you to use lib/
	  variables (e.g. "@@HTML_URL@@") in your resource file.

    A way to reference _nothread.mrc in a resource file is to have
    the following in the ".in" template version of a list resource


    When "make configure" is executed, the "@@MHA_RC_DIR@@" will get
    expanded to the pathname location where archive-specific resource
    files are kept.

* lib/
  . Added the following variables:

      # Pathname of archive lists index page.

      # Pathname of header template for archive lists index page.

      # Pathname of header template for archive lists index page.

      # Directory containing informational pages about each list archive.

      # Base URL containing informational pages about each list archive.

* cgi-bin/template/, html/
  . Minor change to labels for sorting search results by date.
    Newer labels should be clearer about the ordering of dates since
    previous wording can be ambiguous.

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