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2003-11-26 13:06:26
CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/mhonarc
Module name:	mharc
Changes by:	Earl Hood <earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com>	03/11/26 15:04:36

Modified files:
	doc            : install.html 

Log message:
	Changes to reflect that default.mrc being the defaulr MHA_RC value.

Index: mharc/doc/install.html
diff -u mharc/doc/install.html:1.8 mharc/doc/install.html:1.9
--- mharc/doc/install.html:1.8	Sat Aug  9 14:06:40 2003
+++ mharc/doc/install.html	Wed Nov 26 15:04:36 2003
@@ -659,19 +659,21 @@
 "<tt>.in</tt>" version and rerun
 <tt class="ishell"><b>make&nbsp;configure</b></tt>.
-<p>The main MHonArc resource file is
-<a href="file/common.mrc.txt"><tt>lib/common.mrc</tt></a>.
-To make changes, edit
-and run</p>
+<p>The main MHonArc resource file is <a
+href="file/common.mrc.txt"><tt>lib/common.mrc</tt></a>.  Although you
+can edit <b><tt>lib/</tt></b> to define custom
+resource settings, it is better to define custom resource settings
+in <a href="file/default.mrc.txt"><tt>lib/</tt></a>.
+If you make changes, run
 <table border=1 width="100%"><tr><td><pre class="shell">
 prompt&gt; <b>make configure</b></pre></td></tr></table>
 to generate a new
-<a href="file/common.mrc.txt"><tt>lib/common.mrc</tt></a>.
+<a href="file/default.mrc.txt"><tt>lib/default.mrc</tt></a>.
 You can use <tt class="icode">@@<var>VARIABLE_NAME</var>@@</tt>
 references in
 to refer to variables defined in
 <a href="file/"><tt>lib/</tt></a>.
 However, this is normally not required since the
@@ -684,40 +686,10 @@
 resource files.
-<table class="tip">
+<table class="note">
 <tr valign="baseline">
-<td><p>To make the maintenance of MHonArc resource settings easier,
-especially during mharc upgrades, set the <tt>MHA_RC</tt> variable in
-<a href="file/"><tt>lib/</tt></a> to something
-like the following: </p>
-<pre class="code">
-# Pathname to main MHonArc resource file.
-<p>Then create the file
-<tt class="icode">$SW_ROOT/lib/</tt> (make note that the file
-ends with a "<tt>.in</tt>" extension) with the following contents: </p>
-<pre class="code">
-&lt;!-- ... customized settings here ... --&gt;
-<p>And run:</p>
-<table border=1 width="100%"><tr><td><pre class="shell">
-prompt&gt; <b>make configure</b></pre></td></tr></table>
-<p>Anytime you want to make MHonArc resource changes, make sure to
-edit <tt class="icode">$SW_ROOT/lib/default.mrc.<b>in</b></tt> and
-rerun <tt class="ishell"><b>make&nbsp;configure</b></tt>.  </p>
-<p>When you upgrade mharc, and mharc contains a new improved
+<td><p>When you upgrade mharc, and mharc contains a new improved
 <tt>lib/</tt>, and you want the new settings to be
 applied to your archives, you can do the following:
@@ -730,11 +702,6 @@
 <tt class="icode">$SW_ROOT/lib/</tt>
 are left untouched.
-<p>The above avoids performing any messing merging of
-changes in a new <tt>lib/</tt> to your customized
-version of <tt>lib/</tt>.
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
@@ -887,7 +854,7 @@
 <!-- ====================================================================== -->
-$Date: 2003/08/09 18:06:40 $ <br>
+$Date: 2003/11/26 20:04:36 $ <br>
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 <a href="index.html"><strong>mharc</strong></a><br>
 Copyright &#169; 2002, <a href="";

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