MHonArc Release: 2.5.5

2002-05-27 22:30:05
Release 2.5.5 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/05/28      (2.5.5)

* Bug Fixes: See

* Incorporated format=flowed support into contributed
  by Ken Hirsch, with some minor improvements.

* MODTIME resource is set to off if setting modification date on files
  is not supported for given platform.  A warning message will be

* Added mha-preview program in examples/: A front-end program to
  MHonArc that provides support for the resource variable
  $X-MSG-PREVIEW$ that expands to first part of a message body.
  This program illustrated the usage of the callback API.

  NOTE: It is probable that support for message preview text
        may become a supported feature within the standard mhonarc
        program.  There are no guarantees that when implemented,
        it will be compatible with how mha-preview does it.

* Added blog.mrc in examples/: A resource file that generates
  a page containing the content of all messages.  This example
  is also listed in the resource file examples appendix.

* Some documentation updates and enhancements.


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