mharc Release: 0.3.0

2002-07-08 18:40:13
Release 0.3.0 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/07/08: v0.3.0

* mk-procmailrc:
  . Can now specify name of catch archive and if catch archive should
    be disabled via the CATCH_ARCHIVE and DISABLE_CATCH_ARCHIVE

  . POD added to script along with -help and -man options to display
    usage information.

* web-archive:
  . Added check for <!--x-search-form--> and <!--/x-search-form-->
    comment declarations in period index header/footer templates: and  If an archive is designated
    to not have searching enabled, any markup between these two
    comments will be stripped out when generating the period index.

    If upgrading, and if you are using the default .PNM.*.in files,
    you will need to delete them so the newer versions with the above
    comments will be applied.  If you have customized versions of
    .PNM.*.in files, you will need to add the above comments around
    the search form markup if you want the form to not appear in the
    top period indexes for non-searchable archives.

  . CVS commit archive of a list properly uses list options defined
    in lib/lists.def.

  . Short title of CVS commit archives has changed from
    "<list-name>.CVS" to "[CVS] <list-name>".

* bin/compress-files:
  . Add POD.  Execute './bin/compress-files -man' to view

* bin/compress-mboxes:
  . Converted to Perl.  POD added along with some command-line options.
    Execute './bin/compress-mboxes -man' to view documentation.

* bin/gc-search-indexes
  . Converted to Perl.  POD added along with some command-line options.
    Execute './bin/gc-search-indexes -man' to view documentation.

* etc/
  . Updated to add <File> directives to deny access to various files
    that you may not want visible to the public.

* etc/
  . NEW: Contains the same <File> directives added to
    etc/  This file is useful if you do not have
    write access to Apache's main configuration file.

    The .htaccess file generated after 'make configure' can be copied
    into the root install directory, or better, create a symlink
    to it from the root by executing the following command in the
    root install directory.

      ln -s ./etc/.htaccess

* Makefile:
  . Added editrootidx target: Rebuild top period indexes only.


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