MHonArc Release: 2.5.9

2002-07-19 19:04:42
Release 2.5.9 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/07/19      (2.5.9)

* Bug Fixes: See

* Added MHonArc::UTF8 CHARSETCONVERTER module as recommended at
  However, module redone to use utf8 pragma in Perl where appropriate
  and to remove unnecessary code.  Use of module does require that
  the Unicode::MapUTF8 module is installed and the utf8 pragma is
  supported in the version of Perl you are using.

  A example resource file, "utf-8.mrc", has been added to the
  resource file example appendix section on how UTF-8 output can
  be done in MHonArc.

  NOTE: The MHonArc core is still not UTF-8-aware, so some text
        processing may not work as expected on UTF-8 data.
        Possible problem points:

        . Auto-URL hyperlinking in text/plain messages in

        . Auto-message-id detection in messages.
        . Resource variable text clipping.

        There may be others, but in general, if there is a problem,
        it should be uncommon and should not affect the overall
        functionality of MHonArc.  Problems can be avoided by
        not using, or disabling, various resources.

  . Removed exception case of iso-2022-jp character data since it
    does not allow alternative iso-2022-jp character set conversion
    functions via CHARSETCONVERTERS.

    NOTE: This does eliminate the smart handling of URL detection
          for the variable-width character set.  Hence, the URL
          detection could technically match non-URLs, or munge
          a character at URL boundaries, but it is unknown on how
          likely this is.  If it is a problem, the "nourl" argument
          should be specified to this filter.

    NOTE: The old-style "smart" URL functionality can be re-enabled by
          writing a custom CHARSETCONVERTER for iso-2022-jp that
          just calls iso_2022_jp::jp2022_to_html in

  . Minor modification to flowed text/plain formatting that hopefully
    makes quoted text look better than before.

* FAQ changes:
  + Added, "Does MHonArc support Unicode?"
  * Changed, "Can MHonArc create non-English archives?"
  + Added, "Can MHonArc process Evolution folders?"


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