mharc Release: 0.4.0

2002-07-19 21:07:36
Release 0.4.0 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/07/19: v0.4.0

* bin/compress-mboxes:
  . FIX: Fixed handling of -n and -debug options.

* lib/
  . FIX: Default PROCMAIL_PATH setting uses $SW_ROOT/bin instead of
    $HOME/bin.  Installations should update local
    to reflect change.

  . Added MHONARC_LIB: Directory pathname to where MHonArc libraries
    are installed.  If MHonArc libraries are in a location not included
    in perl's library search path, this variable should be set to
    that location.

  . Added MSGID_CACHE_SIZE: Maximum size, in bytes, of msgid cache
    for detecting duplicate messages.

  . Reorganized file to put key variables at top of file and to
    provide a comment description before each variable.

* bin/mbox-month-pack:
  . NEW: New utility program for breaking up a mailbox file into
    monthly, or yearly, mailbox files.  This program can be useful
    for importing existing mailbox files into MHArc.  Run program with
    the -man option to view manpage.

* bin/mk-procmailrc:
  . Added support for "From-Address: " option in lists.def.  This
    option allows you to denote a list by the "From: " field of
    messages.  Run mk-procmailrc with -man option for more information.

  . "Cleaned-up" the procmailrc file generated.  The "Extraneous
    copy flag" warnings should be gone.  Also, rules changed to use
    new bin/extract-mesg-date to determine which raw mailbox to file
    to instead of the current time.  This insures that messages go
    into the proper period mailbox regardless of when incoming mail
    is processed.

* bin/extract-mesg-date:
  . NEW: New utility to print out the date of a message.  This
    program is mainly used in newer procmailrc format generated
    by mk-procmailrc.


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