mharc Release: 0.5.1

2002-07-31 18:21:35
Release 0.5.1 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/07/31: v0.5.1

* cgi-bin/
  . Changed returned media-type from message/rfc822 to text/plain.
    message/rfc822 is nice since some browsers can render it directly,
    but it does open potential XSS HTML email attacks.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: User upgrading are encouraged to delete
                    "cgi-bin/" and run 'make
                    configure' after extracting this release.  If you
                    really want the message/rfc822 behavior, you can
                    edit "cgi-bin/" and redefine
                    the $message_media_type variable.

* bin/mk-procmailrc:
  . Added -final-dest option: The destination of messages that make
    it to the end of the procmailrc.  Generally, this option can
    be ignored.

    Run mk-procmailrc program with -man option to view the manpage
    to get more information about this option.

* etc/
  . Security related comments added.  Users are encourage to read
    if using etc/apache.conf.

* lib/
  . Added FINAL_MSG_DESTINATION variable to repesent destination
    mailbox for end rule in procmailrc (checked by mk-procmailrc if
    -final-dest not specified).


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