mharc Release: 0.6.4

2002-09-19 20:48:08
Release 0.6.4 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/09/19: v0.6.4

* bin/web-archive:
  . BUG FIX: Changes to fix backdoor to raw mail messages for
    archives with No-Raw-Link enabled.  For archives with No-Raw-Link
    enabled, a file called ".noraw" will appear for the archives
    under the raw mailbox data.  This file is used by extract-mesg.cgi
    to determine if retrieval of original messages is allowed.

    Also, a .htaccess file will be created to deny access via direct
    HTTP access by a client for those that are using the Apache
    HTTP server with .htaccess support enabled.  If .htaccess is not
    supported (or you are using a non-Apache web server), you will need
    to modify the server configuration file directly to deny access.

  . Added support for localizing labels in all-lists archive listing
    table via new lib/ variables.

* cgi-bin/
  . BUG FIX: Changes to fix backdoor to raw mail messages for
    archives with No-Raw-Link enabled.  In order to enable the new
    fixed version, you MUST do the following:

      prompt> rm cgi-bin/
      prompt> make configure

  . BUG FIX: Fixed regex pattern checking for valid period argument.
    Extraction of yearly-based archives should now work properly.

* lib/
  . Added the following variables to support localization of all-lists
    page (default values shown):

      ALL_LISTS_DATE_FORMAT='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: Danish localization file.  Thanks goto Lars Jorgensen for
    the contribution.

* lib/mrc/
  . Added definition of FIELDORDER to provide a minimal message header.
    This is to minimize the potential of addresses showing up in
    unexpected header fields.

* bin/config-check:
  . NEW: New script to dump expanded variable values of lib/
    to standard output.

* lib/MHArc/
  . A Perl cache file is now created to make subsequent loads faster.
    Hence, you will see a file called lib/ appear.
    This file should not be edited.  The module auto-detects when
    lib/ is modified.

* doc/:
  . Some documentation fixes and enhancements.

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