mharc Release: 0.7.1

2002-10-01 21:59:07
Release 0.7.1 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/10/02: v0.7.1

* lib/lists.def, bin/mk-procmailrc, bin/web-archive:
  . Added support for Check-No-Archive for lists.def.
    The author can request no archiving should be done by defining
    one of the the following header fields:

      Restrict: no-external-archive
      X-no-archive: yes

    If Check-No-Archive is enabled, a message to the list with either
    field defined will not be archived.

* lib/mk-procmailrc:
  . Can now specify a mail address to receive all unmatched messages
    via the CATCH_ADDRESS variable.  This serves as a
    (better?) alternative to the .catch archive.

* bin/logcmd:
  . New script to help provide better logging of crontab commands.

* etc/
  . Entries changed to use new logcmd script for dumping any command
    output to @@SW_ROOT@@/log/cron.log.

* lib/
  . Added CATCH_ADDRESS: Specify mail address to receive all unmatched
    messages.  If defined, it supercedes $CATCH_ARCHIVE.


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