MHonArc Release: 2.5.13

2002-10-21 10:04:59
Release 2.5.13 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/10/21      (2.5.13)

* Bug Fixes: See

* DBFILE resource can now be set to an absolute pathname.  This
  allows the database file to be located in a separate location than
  in the archive directory.  If not an absolute pathname, then
  value is treated relative to OUTDIR.

* updated to handle MHTML messages better.
  changed accordingly.

* handling of malformed multipart messages improved.
  Cases were a the terminating boundary delimiter did not exist would
  generate a warning message in the converted message body that data
  could not be converted.  This case should now be handled so that
  end of entitiy implies a terminating boundary delimiter,
  (Thanks goto Randy Blaustein for providing real-world test cases).

* Fixed problem where some message attachments were "lost".  This
  mainly occurs when using mha-decode with the -dcd-digest option,
  or if you have registered the m2h_external::filter for message/*
  data types.
  (Thanks goto Steve Johnson for finding this problem.)

* m2h_external::filter will now include the subject of a message
  in the attachment link if saving message/* data to a file.

* m2h_external::filter properly escapes the filename parameter
  when displaying it in the attachment link.  This is done to
  avoid any possible XSS exploits.  Note, no exploits have been
  reported by using the filename parameter in messages, so this
  change is more of a preemptive measure.

* m2h_external::filter will fall back to a "txt" extension for
  unknown text types instead of a "bin" extension.

* m2h_text_plain::filter: Removed hardcoded 'as-is' for US-ASCII
  data.  This is so a user could define a converter if having to deal
  with mislabeled character data.
  (Thanks goto Mooffie for finally finding a real-world case to not
  hardcode us-ascii).


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