Re: Format=flowed

2002-10-29 21:35:31
Earl Hood wrote:
As I wrote in my recent CVS commit to, I think the fixed font rendering is correct according to RFC 2646.

I agree, but I still think that a 'violation' in this respect is justified.

Maybe the authors of RFC 2646 should be notified about this.

Sounds like a good idea.

I should note that Mozilla renders flowed data all in a fixed font (but flowed text where required) so it ignores the problem.

It's a problem only if you wish to use different fonts in fixed respective flowed paragraphs. We agreed the other day that some kind of text more or less requires a fixed font, but it's not *wrong* to use a fixed font all through, is it? Even if RFC2626 mentions fonts when describing typical combinations of fonts and the use of CRLF, I can't find any *requirements* in that respect.

Thanks for the patches, but I hopefully just committed more optimal fixes to the problems.

You sure did. Of course, I observed one remaining detail. ;-)

When a quoted paragraph is followed by one blank line, and that line is followed by a single line paragraph, the blank line isn't displayed, and the single line paragraph is surrounded by <pre></pre> tags, and thus displayed with fixed font. I think that inserting this code right before the present line 372, i.e. before the number of lines is counted, is one way to fix it:

$para =~ s/^\n/<br>/;

/ Gunnar

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