Nightly snapshots of MHonArc and mharc

2002-10-31 15:24:36

I hopefully have in place a cron process to generate a nightly
snapshot of MHonArc and mharc based on the latest CVS sources.
The snapshots are bundled like a standard release, so the same
installation procedures can be used as with an official release.

Since the snapshots are based off the latest CVS sources, they
could be unstable.  However, they exist to give you the ability
to test out the latest features and/or fixes without waiting for
the next official release or messing with checking things out
of CVS.

If you use a snapshot release, all problem reports should be
sent to mhonarc-dev(_at_)mhonarc(_dot_)org(_dot_)

Snapshots for MHonArc and mharc are located at:


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