Re: Procmail problem?

2002-11-20 23:30:16
This will not work.  First, a cross-posted message may contain multiple
lists addresses in the message header, so if the one rule above was
used, all versions of the message would goto the mharc-users archive.

Argh.  You're right.  It would have to be based on something like the
X-Envelope-From: header (if it exists) or the 'From ' "header".  There
are recipes that could pair up these headers with the value derived
from ^TO_, but...

Another thing to note is that LISTNAME is not dependent on the
mail address, but is logical label defined in lists.def.  This is
done since there is no guarantee that a list address will not change
(like the mhonarc user's list has done).  Plus, an archive can be
used to archive multiple lists.  I do this with my private archives.
I have have generic archives like "newsletters" and "security" where
multiple lists are being fed into them.

Ahh.  OK, that's probably the most complicating issue.  For now, I'd say
that yes, having the trailing 'c' at the end of a completing block in 
your procmailrc is the best way to handle things.  Now that I understand
what's going on, I think that you had it set up right in the first place.  

Otherwise your procmailrc file would need to have some awareness of the
label definitions, and then it just gets icky.  


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