Getting ready for MHonArc v2.6.0 release

2003-01-10 20:44:39

Since I have other priorities coming down the pike, I have decided
to "freeze" any new functionality development for v2.6.0 and only
concentrate on bug fixes and refinements.

I would like to release v2.6.0 as soon as possible, but would like to
have others test things out before the release.  The snapshot builds at
<> can be used to download
the latest code and test things.

I've installed the latest code at for use with the mail archives and I'm running the latest code on my
private archives. archives use Perl 5.8 and my
private archives use Perl 5.6.1.  I'd definitely like feedback
from anyone who can test things under older versions of Perl.

Also, I would like new character conversion support tested: the
updated to MHonArc::CharEnt for CHARSETCONVERTERS, and the new
TEXTENCODE resource.

I may still do some updates to the documentation, if time and
motivation exists.  I'm thinking of adding sections related to
localization/internationalization and on performance.  With
the updated character encoding support and the more secure temp
file usage, performance is slower than earlier versions.

Improvements to performance can be done by changing the default
CHARSETCONVERTERS resource for specific locales.  For example,
if an archive just contains messages for a single locale (like
latin1), then the following can be done:

  default; mhonarc::htmlize


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