[approved] Adding support for euc-jp

2003-06-24 09:19:29

I did a quick and dirty hack to make it possible for MHonArc to
generate all the pages in EUC-jp charset.  This has an advantage over
currently available mechanism of generating iso-2022-jp pages since
users can put Japanese character in the resource file using EUC-jp.
(If you do that using iso-2022-jp, Perl gives you warnings.)

After placing, which is atached below, in your MHonArc
directory, you just say in your resource file:

euc-jp; MHonArc::Encode::from_to; MHonArc/
euc-jp; euc_jp::str2html;

And you can include Japanese text in the generated pages without any
problem, as long as you use euc-jp.

I referred to when I wrote this.  If this looks
appropriate, please consider including it in the distribution.


ps: I'm not subscribed to the mhonarc-dev list, so please Cc me when
you reply to this message.

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