Re: [PATCH] fix for multipart boundary detection

2003-07-31 10:09:00
On July 31, 2003 at 11:10, Sean Dague wrote:

Attached is a patch which fixes boundary detection for multipart mime
encoding.  As a mutt user, I found all my messages going through mhonarc
that were pgp signed ended up not being properly detected as the multipart
mime messages that they were.  Last night, I finally went on a quest to find
out why.

The solution isn't mine, I stumbled upon it in SpamAssassin when doing greps
trying to track down what was actually doing the boundary detection.  I'm
hoping I preserved spacing properly for the patch, if not, please let me

Please consider this for inclusion in your next release, as I *really* don't
like seeing the mail archives of my messages look like this: :)

Can you tar up a sample message that illustrates the problem your
patch tries to address?


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