Installer for Mac OS X

2003-12-09 10:16:16

I am - as mentioned on the users list -
working on a graphical Mac interface to
mhonarc, and in the same vein have built a
relatively simple mhonarc installer for
Mac OS X, so the users do not need to
touch the command line if they do not want

I am using OS X's built in installer
package system. The MHonArc package
contains the files needed to install
mhonarc (no docs, extras, etc) and runs
the file with -batch and -nodoc.

I have packaged the installer up along
with my own readme file and a folder
containing the original MHonArc docs. I
chose to do it that way because under OS
X, unlike *nix, there's not really a good
place to put docs as that by default.

There is not much error recovery really.
If the installer fails, the package
reports that an error occured, without
specifying what exactly happened.

Currently I have only tested this
installer under OS X 10.3, so I do not
know how it fares on earlier systems. I'll
be able to get my hands on 10.2 tomorrow
probably, but I have no access to older
versions. If anybody does, I'd love to
hear about it. When I know more about that
I'll include some kind of check for the
system version.

I'd also like to know if there are any
other files that I should put into the
package. License infos etc? Or should I
put all the extra files into a separate
folder along with the installer, too? I
chose not to because I feel this installer
is aimed at users who will not want to do
any much customizing. If so, they can
still go get the original archive.

The current test version is here:

Any tests or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.



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