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2004-01-08 12:38:14
A year ago I wrote the CPAN module CGI::ContactForm that generates web contact forms. I'm now thinking of making a sub module available that would make it easy to customize a MHonArc archive so that its message authors can be emailed via a contact form.

This is the current status of CGI::ContactForm::MHonArc:

Assuming that CGI::ContactForm, including the new sub module, is installed, this is the approach:

- Via the resource file, a form button is added to the messages that submits (method GET) the message ID and archive path to a CGI script:

(Instead of submitting the archive path, optionally the full path to the database file can be passed as an argument when calling the getmsgvalues() function.)

- The sub module grabs the fromname, fromaddress and subject from .mhonarc.db, and those values are passed to CGI::ContactForm when its main function is called.

- The values are preserved through the session via a cookie.

Well, that's about it. A simple change of the resource file and configuration of, and you can then email any message author via the generated form. You can study the result in my demo archive:

I would of course appreciate your feedback. Would it be a suitable customization option for MHonArc archives? Weaknesses in the code? Anything else that I missed? Does the approach work for mharc managed archives, or would that require mods?

Looking forward to your comments. :)

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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