Getting ready for new mhonarc release

2005-05-10 21:55:35
A new release is long overdue, so I'd like to make a new release
containing numerous bug fixes.  So far, the following bugs have
been addressed:

    Bug ID  Summary
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
     9050   Regex abort error in under Win32
    11187   incorrectly parsing UTF-8 encoded messages
    11207   usenameext option to m2h_external::filter has no effect
    11760   spammode false positives on some HTML mail
    11762   rel=nofollow attribute support in message body hyperlinks
    11977   TSLICETOPBEGCUR ignored
    12512   Consecutive spaces not displayed in some cases
    12802   SubjectStripCode not working on message file
    12930   Cross site scripting bug in m2h_text_html::filter
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

Before I make a new release, are there any bugs, features, documentation
issues, and/or web site issues that I should address beforehand?

I do request that those have a vested interested in the above bugs
to please review the bug items on savannah, and if possible, test
out the fixes.


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