UTF-8 filtering in MHonArc

2005-05-22 11:37:43

I am downloading 5.8.6 to upgrade my 5.8.0 install to see if behavior
changes, along with playing with mhonarc code to see if I can get
some consistency and a better understanding of Perl's behavior.

Please let me know how that goes. FYI, Debian Sarge ships with perl
5.8.4, but it isn't too hard for us to track some other version of
perl, including perl 6.

Is it wise to suppress the malformed utf-8 warning messages?  If
mhonarc can deal with the sequences in a proper manner, I'm not sure
if there is any value in printing the warnings.

Good question. I generally don't like to have common-but-harmless 
warnings in log files, lest they obscure more serious problems.
But I'm also quite capable of doing my own filtering. For example,
I currently filter out mhonarc's unrecognized character set warnings, 
since they are common and there's not much I can do about them.
Overall, I'm not too stressed.


PS. Let me know if you want additional sample messages.
I'm also willing to run patches on production and report
results if that is helpful.

PSS. I'm really sorry I didn't see the 'please test this release
candidate' notice. I wasn't tracking the mhonarc lists very closely
at the time, and I should have been. 

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