Re: Using a SQL Database

2005-06-01 14:11:55
On June 1, 2005 at 13:12, East Coast Coder wrote:

I need mhonarc to do two things:
1) Parse the mbox format
2) Convert all of the content types into HTML

What I don't want is for mhonarc to save the results of #2 into a
file.  I'd rather it hand it off to me (which it does, via the
callback), and let me handle saving it myself - I'm working on
nonstandard uses of it, as opposed to generating a collection of html

Try passing the -noarchive option to mhonarc.  I forgot about it,
but I added it in a long time ago.  Basically, it should go through
the motions of processing a mailbox, but will keep any files from
getting written.

Exception: Attachments will get written.  I am not sure if you are
dealing with attachments.  I recommend utilizing the ATTACHMENTDIR
and ATTACHMENTURL resources.  This way you can have all attachments
placed in a single location.

The ATTACHMENTURL is important for the converted message bodies so
the links to attachments will work.

You can suppress the creation of message pages by passing
the -nomsgpgs option to process_input().  Note, if you do use
-nomsgpgs, then the message bodies are completely skipped, bypassing
any callbacks related to message bodies.

This won't work for me - see above.  So I guess I'll need to modify
the source a little bit.  Any suggestions on the least invasive way to
do this?

I'm looking into it.  The -noarchive may be all you need, but I can
see reasons why someone may want to exclude messages after the body
is processed (e.g. a spam/virus check).  I've already made edits to my
working copy to allow CB{Raw}MessageBodyRead to return a false value to
exclude a message from further processing.  However, I need to check if
code is needed to reverse some of the side-effects in read_mail_head().

Okay - I assume that not having a db won't cause a crash anywhere (of
course, the features that require it won't work).

One thing you need to do is do the "already-processed" check.  I.e.
If you rescan a mailbox for new messages, you will need to make
sure you do not reprocess messages already archived.  You should
easily be able to do this in CBMessageHeadRead.


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