MHonArc Release: 2.6.12

2005-06-08 18:42:41
Release 2.6.12 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2005/06/08      (2.6.12)

* Bug Fixes:

    Bug ID  Summary
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    11761   spammode causes broken mailto: links in message body
    13316   No warning generated when RCFILE set to non-existent file
    13317   POSIX::setlocale() not invoked with LANG resource setting
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* New resources:

    MIMEINCS            Content-types to allow.

* Beefed up filtering of UTF-8 messages:  "Malformed UTF-8
  ..." warnings are now suppressed with such sequences being converted
  to U+FFFD (&#xFFFD;), which should normally cause an HTML viewer
  to render a question-mark-like glyph.

  Earlier version passed malformed utf-8 sequences through.
  No bug/security problems have been reported against this, but it
  was a bad practice that has now been corrected.

* The return value for $mhonarc::CBMessageBodyRead and
  $mhonarc::CBRawMessageBodyRead is no longer N/A.  If the return
  value evaluates to false, the current message will be excluded from
  the archive and further processing.  A true value must be returned
  if the message is to not be excluded.


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