[approved] RE: Suggestion for date/time display

2005-06-14 00:24:33
From: Earl Hood [mailto:earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com] 

On June 10, 2005 at 12:40, David Balazic wrote:

Currently (MHonArc v2.6.6 at
the dates and times are display as specified in the mail message.
So the web page is a mix of all possible timezones.
That is very hard to read.

Contact the admin for the archive in question.  MHonArc provides
the ability to format date/times in a variety of ways, including the
ability to insert your Javascript trick, via MHonArc's layout 

That is not a "one click" solution.
Read : Nobody will (is) using it.

Unless it is a single/simple option in the prefs (for the webmaster),
everybody will use the current timezone spaghetti :-(

I'll try to make a patch.
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