RE: Attachments: New Resource?

2005-09-29 17:48:07
Hi Earl,

To support "attachment" listings robustly in mhonarc, the 
filter API needs modification.  A filter needs to denote 
which files it creates are to be considered attachments and 
which are not.
Sometimes, a filter will only return a directory name (e.g. 
subdir option for m2h_external::filter) and not an individual 
file list.

Mhonarc will also need to modify how it tracks derived files 
by marking attachments separately.

Of course, compatibility concerns must be addressed if such 
changes are made.

OK, so this sounds a little messier than I had hoped -- maybe a lot messier.
Am I to gather from your response that it is ill-advised to start down this

MHonArc currently only tracks "derived" files for a given message.
This includes any files created by filters (MIMEFILTERS) and 
any files created by DEFINEDERIVED.  The files are tracked 
mainly for message deletion operations.

Can't this be used to do what I want since I'm actually interesting in
providing links to these derived files from the index page?  My original
hack job added a hash map of index2Attachements (perhaps better named
index2derivedFiles) that I stored in the mhdb thus making it possible to
rewrite the index without processing all the input files.

-- David

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