[bug #13853] creation of archive with attachments writes over symlinks

2005-12-24 19:04:53

Follow-up Comment #6, bug #13853 (project mhonarc):

I'm not sure checks #2 and #3 actually buy anything more than what is already
available with unix file permission, and may be more trouble than benefit. If
the filesystem says it's ok to write, that that's probably good enough.

So just #1 is fine with me. I could even imagine it being turned on by
default since it's not like mhonarc would be following symlinks in /tmp. And
lots of basic unix utilities have no problems following symlinks. Maybe there
is some scenario that I'm not considering - off by default is also ok now that
I know about the problem.

By the way, the use case I'm thinking about is when reiserfs starts
corrupting itself and I don't want to spend a week running reiserfsck. Easier
to move the various mhonarc archives one at a time to a new filesystem, which
also takes a week. But one can patching the whole thing together with symlink
duct tape during the process - keeping the system live and the problems
invisible to the user. I can easily imagine doing this process again (sigh)
sometime over the next few months.


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