[approved] bounty: cross archive threading support

2006-02-28 23:31:56

   I would like to announce a $200.00 bounty to the developer who adds cross
archive threading support to MHonArc. Currently, an archive can only show the
threads of discussions that happen in the same month (or mail spool). Cross
archive threading support would enable the generated archive messages to show
the full thread history of that message, regardless of how many months the
discussion has spanned. The addition of this feature would ideally have a
minimal impact on the syntax of a MHonArc resource file (especially
considering that all of the threading syntax is already included in the
resource file). A $50.00 additional bonus is offered for the developer who
implements this feature by March 15th, 2006. This bounty expires on March
31st, 2006.
   To collect the bounty, or for questions, please contact openwebmail -AT-


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