[bug #18112] <SPAMMODE> produces broken links

2011-01-02 02:57:10

Update of bug #18112 (project mhonarc):

                Category:                    None => MIME Filter            
              Item Group:                    None => Undesired Behavior     
                  Status:                    None => Wont Fix               
             Open/Closed:                    Open => Closed                 
           Fixed Release:                         => N/A                    


Follow-up Comment #5:

For, the following can be used so addresses
inside a URL is not modified.  This could be generalized
to handle other contextual scenarious as desired.

I'm going to mark this item a "Wont Fix" since I see
no practical solution with existing mhonarc resources,
and the technique mentioned below can be used to get
desired results.

This method utilizes

You need to make sure MODIFYBODYADDRESSES is disabled.  If
you have a master resource file, you can add the following
at the end to ensure this:


Or use the -nomodifybodyaddresses command-line option.

Then, you can have a like the following:

# START of
##  Set package to something other than "mhonarc" to protect ourselves
##  from unintentionally screwing with MHonArc's internals

package mhonarc_site_init;

## text pre-filter to not munge m-a links.
##  IMPORTANT: Make sure MODIFYBODYADDRESSESS is NOT enabled since
##             we obscure the addresses here.  If set, our function
##             will not get called.

$readmail::TextPreFilter = sub {
 my $fields = shift;
 my $data_r = shift;
 # do not rewrite cid: URLs.
 $$data_r =~ s{
   ($1 eq "") ? mhonarc::rewrite_raw_address($2) : $1.$2;

## Make sure to return a true value for require().


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