[bug #32665] allow message display to wrap (simple HTML change)

2011-03-02 23:31:34
Follow-up Comment #1, bug #32665 (project mhonarc):

(Sorry, my first bug report on savannah, not used to its markup.)
I wanted the rest of my submission to read


-             $$data = '<pre>' . $$data . '</pre>';
+             $$data = '<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap">' . $$data .

This _does not_ affect copy and paste of long lines and does not involve
processing or changing the text within the pre tag in any way. It just makes
many more messages readable!

Mailman had the same bug and has incorporated this bug fix for some time, see 

Earlier bug #13276: "Archive of mail lists does not text wrap in the Browser"
seems to refer to the same issue. It was closed as Not a Bug with the comment
"MHonArc provides options to deal with mis-behaved MUA's that do not properly
format text messages."  I'm not familiar with MHonArc admin, but this pre
style fixes the problem with no downside.


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