Re: Web Conferencing

1996-01-02 14:57:55
Thanks very much for the clear and detailed overview of MHonArc vs. HyperMail

It strikes me that the comparison you wrote would be useful to a lot of
people who are looking into these two programs. Maybe you should post it on
your MHonArc Web site? Better yet, have the developer of HyperMail look it
over and add a few details, and then put links to it from both the HyperMail
and MHonArc sites.

Just a thought...

It's a good thought.  However, I like to avoid writing up such
comparisons since I have a built in bias on the subject.  The
developer(s) HyperMail will have a similiar bias.  And anything we come
up with together would be superficial (ie. Just summarizing features,
and not getting into usage, implementation, and limitation details).
To be fair, an objective, a non-developer of either package would be
best to write a comparison.

For now, people are able to access the documentation about the
programs to get an idea of the differences between the two.  However,
I do agree, that a comparison summary on features and usage can
be beneficial.


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