Re: Using MHonArc to archive Newsgroups

1996-03-07 03:09:55
Scott Anguish said:
What is involved in setting MHonArc up to archive articles from a  
Newsgroup, instead of from a mailing list?

If the news are stored locally you could simply treat the news directory
as a mh folder. If you have access to news via NNTP your should have a
look at the perl5 module


The documentation has some useful examples (perldoc
Have a look at your nearest CPAN site in the subdirectory
CPAN/modules/by-module/News. A list of CPAN sites can be found in 


Has anyone set this up before?

Only in with a handish method: My Newsreader allows me to save articles
(some I think are worth it :-)) as mh files. The rest is easy with 




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