Re: Tool to break archive into sections over time?

1996-03-11 14:47:08
   -- Creates a new subdirectory for the current period, entitled
      perhaps "YYYYMM"
   -- Initializes the main and threaded indexes of the new
   -- Adds a link in the top-level HTML file to the main and threaded
      indexes of the new subdirectory.
   -- Creates a symlink called "current" linking to the "YYYYMM"
      subdirectory (so that new messages can always be added to

I've got a group of things built around procmail, perl, and crontab
that do something similar to this. I'm putting the finishing touches on
it now.  You can see the pages at 

(which is 'not yet official', so bear with us if there are any
downtimes, wierd changes, etc. and please don't further propagate the

if it looks like you'd be interested, get back to me and I'll try to
gather together all the bits and pieces.

Walter Henry
Stanford University Libraries

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