Indexing only last 100 messages

1996-03-19 08:23:03
With 1.1 mhonarc this was easy, but with 1.2, I'm having 
troubles.  I have 4000 messages in my archive.  I want only the 
last 100 messages indexed in reverse chronological order, 
newest first.  Here's the command line that worked with 1.1:

mhonarc -idxsize 100 -reverse -treverse -title "Last 100 
messages for myfolder" -idxfname last100.htm -tidxfname 
last100t.htm -ttitle "Last 100 messages for myfolder" -outdir 
$archdir\myfolder myarchive

If I use the same command line with 1.2, I'll get 100 messages 
indexed, but they're not the newest 100.  It looks like they're 
the oldest 100 messages.  If the index is limited to 100 
messages does it automatically take the newest 100?

Mitch Walker
205-730-2028 (office);  205-730-2720 (fax)

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