Re: Processing x-uuencode-datafork

1996-03-25 17:19:55
I'm having trouble with attachments from QuickMail.  Using version 1.1.0, 
The following message was given in the msgXXX.html file:

  Could not process message with given Content-Type: x-uuencode-datafork

After switching to version 1.2.1, I get a link "Unrecognized Data" which 
points to a file with the message followed by the uuencoded data.

How do I tell MHonArc to recognize this data and uudecode it.  For 
example, if the QuickMail user attaches a Word document, the msgXXX.html 
file would have a link to the word.doc file.

To tell mhonarc how to recognize a content-type it does not know by
default, you need to register a filter for the given content-type via
the MIMEFILTERS resource element.  For your case, you should examine
the raw MIME message to see what content-type QuickMail is specifying
for your attachment.

If you sepcify the filter function, then the
"Unrecognized Data" string will appear if a content-type is not
listed in its associative arrays for determining filename extension
content-type "english" name.  All you need to do is add to the
arrays any other content-types you want it to process.

BTW, if you want, you can send me a sample message so I can take a look
at it.  If the attachment is uuencoded, I can check to see if the
uudecoding is working with your message.


P.S.  FYI, there are two different aspects to the problem: content-type
and content-transfer-encoding.  Both are independent of each other.
Content-transfer-encoding specifies how the data was encoded for
transmission.  Content-type describes the data type of the decoded

Hence, if QuickMail is sending an attachment uuencoded, but does not
specify a content-transfer-encoding, then mhonarc will not be able to
decode the data properly.

BTW, if QuickMail is a MIME mail user agent, it is recommended to use
base64 encoding for (binary) attachments.  Base64 is part of the MIME
standard, uuencode is not.

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