SOFTWARE> MHonArc 1.2.2

1996-04-18 21:23:20
Announcing the release of MHonArc v1.2.2.  This is a bug fix and minor
enhancement release ov v1.2.1.  Changes are the following:

        o  Increased the speed performance of base64 decoding.  Speed
           increase is much greater under Perl 4 than Perl 5.

        o  Added -time option to print out total CPU execution time.
           Mainly used for debugging reasons (like checking on
           base64 decoding times).  Time information is sent to
           standard error.

        o  Added M2H_LOCKDELAY envariable and -lockdelay option.
           Either can be used to adjust the sleep time between
           attempts to lock the archive.

        o  Added -force option to override a lock on an archive if
           attempts to lock fail.

        o  Added image/x-bmp and image/x-pcx to the default supported
           MIME types.

        o  Ignore "Sv:" at the beginning of subjects when sorting by
           subject.  "Sv:" is Danish for "Re:".

        o  Fixed bug in where TIDXPGEND actually set

        o  Dynamically define exclude_field routine after reading
           user options.  exclude_field is utilized when formatting
           a message header in HTML.  Defining the routine at run-time
           helps reduce the regular expression overhead the old version
           of the routine entailed.  There should be an increase in
           overall execution time.

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availability information.


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