FORW: Announce: GlimpseGate

1996-05-02 02:07:03

another WWW glimpse interface to search mhonarc archives is available.


** hsf(_at_)sweng(_dot_)stortek(_dot_)com said:

Announcing GlimpseGate, a glimpse gateway for the world-wide web.

GlimpseGate differs from other web indexing and searching tools (including
GlimpseHTTPD) because it is oriented to supporting lots of distinct indexes
for a web server. This matches the world's I find myself in:

  o Corporate intranets where individuals and projects have their own webs.
  o Internet Presence Providers (IPPs) who house many non-related webs. 

GlimpseGate uses glimpse (and other tools) to provide:

  o Context searching of html documents - users get paragraphs that
    contain the search strings instead of lines or abstracts. I believe
    that this makes using the search tool to navigate a site easier for
    the users. (This requires an additional tool to convert html to
    formatted ascii - see html2ascii for example)

  o A powerful configuration facility that allows the developer to tailor
    almost all aspects of the search form and the result output. 

For further details, see

Howard Fear      email1: howard_fear(_at_)pagelus(_dot_)com
                 email2: hsf(_at_)pagelus(_dot_)com

** later hsf(_at_)sweng(_dot_)stortek(_dot_)com said:

For all of you who've visited the GlimpseGate site over the past couple
of days, thanks for your interest.  You may have noticed some problems
with the demo page.  Unfortunately, my ISP changed the location of my
directories without letting me know.  (Since I'm his technical support,
that probably wasn't a great idea :-()  However, all is fixed now,
so the demo should run fine.  Please let me know if you have any
other problems with the site.

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