e-mail addresses

1996-06-12 11:19:26
Hi all,

I'm new in this mailing list... and to MHonArc!

My concern is about e-mail addresses. Currently MHonArc does accept the
slash character "/" in addresses. I would like them to be accepted.

I could not manage to understand the perl script (as I have almost no
time to...) and I would greatly appriciate if anyone knows how to do
this as MHonArc is definitively great and very usefull for me (and my


Guillaume Oget
Hewlett-Packard France                                  Telnet: 779-6504
Enterprise Networking & Security Division       Phone: (+33) 76 62 65 04
5 avenue Raymond Chanas - EYBENS                Fax  : (+33) 76 62 12 86
38053 Grenoble CEDEX 9 / FRANCE    email: 

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