Re: No date, no From in html-Dokuments

1996-07-24 10:53:06
Markus Spring said:
To specify my problem more precisely (Thanks to Achim for the hint!):

mhonarc is 1.2.3
perl is 5.002gamma
OS is digital-UNIX 3.2b

 [...exampe message and html output deleted...] 

So I hope this helps identifying the problem.

Nope. Your example works without problems here. Mhonarc does not
complain and the HTML includes the date and from. I used

        mhonarc v1.2.2
        perl 5.001m and 5.002_01
        Digital Unix V3.2c

Maybe a new bug in mhonarc 1.2.3? Just a guess I had not
the time to install 1.2.3 here.


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