Re: Considering a switch from hypermail to MHonArc

1996-08-08 15:03:20
ab2(_at_)pobox(_dot_)com said:

We're having problems with hypermail in that it does strange things
to our msmail and ms-exchange mail messages (we have no choice but to
use microsloth).  Especially the attachments, such as MS Word docs.

[I don't know the ms-* products. So I assume in the followning
that they produce MIME conformat mails. And that attachment is
as a synonym for a MIME part.]

Having read through the FAQ and docs, it didn't look like hypermail
could handle these things any better, though it does handle many MIME
formats correctly.  Would switching to MHonARC solve our problem?

I think so. You have two choices:

1) The easy one:

Check value of the Contents-Type: header of the part that contains 
a MS-Word document. I assume here that the value is application/x-ms-word
and that the normal extention of an MS-Word file is .msw.  Add to the your
configuration file .mhonarc.rc:


application/x-ms-word:extention=mws description='A MS-Word document'

This way mhonarc would save all MS-word parts into seperate files with
the extention '.msw'. In the HTML converted mail the MS-Word part(s)
are replaced with links to the files.

Now you only have to make sure that your HTTP server translates .msw
extention to application/x-ms-word and that your WWW browser know
that for this contents type it has to start MS-Word.

2) To fully support MS-Word in mhonarc you would have
to write a MS-Word to HTML filter.  I guess this is more that you want
to do :-)

Hope this helps,

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