Re: Help with reorganization?

1996-09-30 10:58:37
I posted last week asking for help figuring out why my archive has stopped
including dates when it adds new messages. My theory now is that the
archive is just getting too big for my little IPC.

A thing to try is to try creating a sample small archive with messages
that are not having dates show up.  If the dates do show up, then it
may be memory problem (which is odd since if memory was a problem,
Perl would abort -- or core dump -- if memory could not be allocated).

Note, Solaris systems do not escape "From " lines.  If messages contain
lines that start with "From ", then you will need to set the MSGSEP
resource to provide a more rigourous test for message separator
detection.  V2.0 will support content-length fields (which Solaris'
sendmail defines) so the "From " problem should go away.

BTW, Solaris systems do provide a program to escape "From " lines
from mail: mailcompat.

I'd like to break it up
by month or groups of months. However, I can't find any options in the
documentation to let me do this. Does anyone out there know how?

This is beyond the scope of mhonarc.  You will need to run a
preprocessor to perform the selection criteria and then call mhonarc
with the appropriate arguments (ie. setting -outdir to where the message 
should go).

Hope this helps,


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