Re: database/tmp questions

1996-10-09 11:43:29
Two questions:

1. Is there a command line option which will allow me to rebuid my .mhonarc.d
b file from the msg.* files in a directory?

None has been written to my knowledge.  It is possible to create one.
If I get some more spare time, I'll take a stab at it.  I welcome
anyone else to try.

2. I see a bunch of tmp.* files sitting around. I've been having problems wit
h adding new files. What exactly are the tmp.* files doing? Should they have 
gotten deleted at some point?

They should have been deleted.  The tmp files may stay around if
mhonarc abnormally terminates, or is terminated, or there is a
problem with mhonarc unable to remove the files.  What system are
you using?


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