Re: MHonArc v2.0 alpha Available

1996-10-11 12:23:02
I had some time to look into a couple of suggestions made by Achim:

- -reverse and multipage links. If you add a message to such an archive
  all mail*.html thrd*.html files have to be rewriten. I would not mind
  if the maillist.html and thread.html would contain betwwen 1-IDXSIZE
  msgs.  So only these 2 files need to be updated (plus 2 other if
  the total msg number requires another index file).

This is actually not that simple.  The main problem is with page
numbering and index page filenames.  Say maillist.html contains the
newest messages, and it gets full.  The next new message would require
the following to occur:

        o  All mail*.html files need to have there numbers incremented.
        o  The maillist.html file must be renamed to mail2.html.
        o  A new mailist.html file is created with new message.
        o  All pages and messages must be updated to reflect the
           new filenames (hyperlinks must be changed).

If you think about it, have reverse sorting for multipage indexes
provides little use.  A user just needs to go to the last page to
find the newest messages.

- [First Page], [Last Page] links in multiple index pages would useful.

You can alread do this since you can access the number of pages.
The only gotcha is when first == last.  The first page in the index
does not follow the naming conventions of the other pages, unless
you set the index name resource to be the index page prefix and the
number 1.

I may add resource variables to represent the first page filename
and the last page filename, since it prevents users from complicating
their resource files.


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