Re: MHonArc and taint checking

1996-10-12 09:27:41
"RF" == Rune Frøysa <runefr(_at_)ifi(_dot_)uio(_dot_)no> writes:

RF> MHonArc does not run very well in a SUID/SGID environment, due to taint
RF> checking.

Converting any Perl program to run with taint checks is non-trivial.  Why
do you need it to run that way?  Couldn't you just use a wrapper instead?

Incoming mail is collected by a process running as nobody. When
storing the mail on the www server, the articles are stored in a
directory which should only be writeable by the www group. Under SunOS
4.x I used the setgid(getegid()); trick on the wrapper to prevent perl
from doing taint checking, but this does not work under Solaris.


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